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If you’d like to support us while we develop you can order one of our signature 3m LootGreen guitar cables. Handmade by us, it features Neutrik 1/4″ 2 pole connectors, low capacitance VanDamme XKE Instrument Cable with great noise rejection and shielding and its softly braided cotton/nylon sleeving makes for a flexible, beautiful cable!

What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?

At LootCables we handmake high quality audio cables, and computer accessories for all your musical and Hi-Fi needs. To start this journey we are opening a small line of 3m (~10ft) braided guitar cables. These cables feature 1/4inch mono Neutrik connectors, VanDamme XKE Instrument Cable sleeved with high grade material for great protection and looks. We hope to slowly grow and in the future offer an extensive variety of different colours, braiding, connectors and lengths.

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