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This version of HAMixer is no longer available, we now only make the aluminum cased edition. Good news, it’s a lot better.

HAMixer is a hardware application mixer for changing the volume of different windows apps on the fly. No more digging through menus. Easily adjust the volume of your music, voice chat or game to be just how you like it. You can find a full guide, software downloads and FAQ here

This project is opensource and you can find full project details  on GitHub. 

Currently only Windows is supported. You can find the latest software release here.

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Please be aware that this product is 3D printed and there will be panel gaps and a rough and inconsistent surface finish that’s expected of 3D printed. If you receive a case with defects or that you’re unsatisfied with let us know and we will sort things out.

Using HAMixer Software:

Before starting download and run the HAMixer software open HAM-Windows.exe, make sure it is in the same folder as config.yaml and HAM-Headless.exe. It is a good idea to add a link to this to your startup folder. You may get a unknown publisher warning. This is normal. As a small business and HAMixer being a freely developed project of mine on Github I cannot afford associated software publishing costs . If you’re concerned, the full source code and additional information is openly available on GitHub. My GitHub username is Wilsondotzip. I strive to make the development process for HAMixer and its associated software as transparent as possible.

  1. Set the COM port your HAMixer is connected to on your computer using the drop-down.
  2. Make sure the connection settings are left as default. These are purely for DIY nerds.
  3. Ensure VoiceMeeter is disabled unless you intend to use it.
  4. Using the number selector, choose which knob on your HAMixer you wish to map to.
  5. Ensure that the “Apps” tab (above the “VM” tab) is selected, this allows you to change application mappings. If you want to change VoiceMeeter mappings select the “VM” tab underneath.
  6. In the large textbox, add applications (or VoiceMeeter) mappings. To do this simply type their process name followed by a semi colin (;) do not use spaces between applications. Please note that the process name is not always the same as the programs display name
  7. Now hit “Save All”
A picture of how application mappings could look. In this image Spotify and Firefox are mapped to knob 3

When adding an application, make sure to use the full process name. For examples Spotify.exe or firefox.exe, it is case sensitive!
A growing FAQ can be found here. If you have different question please contact us at support@email.lootcables.com

You can find a full guide, software downloads and FAQ here


– USB C Powered and Connected

– 3D printed case with brass screw inserts

– Full windows support (Windows 10 and Windows 11 64-bit versions)

– VoiceMeeter integration (basic, banana and potato)

– Easy to take apart and repair

– HAMixer Software is freely available

– Regular updates and bug fixes

– Used a LGT8F328P microcontroller

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  1. Aiden

    I have been looking for a product like this for years and its great to finally get one epically with the audio changes in windows 11. It took a little bit of work to get it set up, it didn’t work out of the box and I had to open it up to work out what bord it had in it and then install Arduino IDE and download and flash the code from the GitHub page. The windows application also pops up behind the taskbar for me but pressing win + up gets it fixed. It would be nice to see a little more documentation in the GitHub wiki to make the setup process a little easer although maybe it was just mine. All in all great product.

    • Will

      I’m so glad you like the product, but Im sorry you had those issues. Having to re flash the firmware is a bit strange and certainly not something intended to happen. It’s a very new product so I’m still trying to make the setup experience smoother. There’s some improved documentation for using the software, which I will add to the Github Wiki. Here

      I’d like to email you with a coupon code for your troubles as well as to get a bit more information about that software bug you experienced with the window opening behind the task bar – or you could launch it as an issue on
      Github. Thank you for taking the time to write this review, and I’m glad in whole you are happy with the product!

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